The Secret Garden was awarded  a NODA Best Musical Production District 2 in 2014

The Cast:

Mary Lennox    Daisy Wyatt & Megan Austin

Colin Craven         Oliver Stott & Matthew Rogers

Lily Craven             Lydia Farnham

Mrs Medlock         Sue Pointon

Mrs Winthrop       Sheila Hood

Ayah                         Kinga Motyka

Martha                    Sian Thomas

Fakir                         Rosemary Gouge

Archibald Craven         Will Haywood

Dickon                                  Stephen Davies

Rose Lennox                       Chloe Sheldon

Albert Lennox                 Jordan McFarlane

Dr Neville  Craven              Jamie Eliot

Ben Weatherstaff                Richard LecrivainTSG59

Alice                                       Stephanie Hood

Claire Holmes                     Julie Lowe

Mrs Shelley                          Lyndsey Bird

Major Shelley                      Russell Lawrence

Jane                                       Karen Seales

Betsy (the Maid):- Emily Walker

Military Dreamers

Caroline Slack-Wynn, Emma Burrows,

Becky Davis, Dillys Williams, Helen Madden

Lieutenant Wright:- Cameron Walker

Shaw:- Edward

Major Homes:- Stephen de LauneyTSG58

The Ensemble:-

Anita Williams, Mary Young, Louisa Kempster, Bryony Jones

Leigh Kendal, Annie Crozier, Julia Corfield

Ken Brooks, Jo McMellon

The Children:-

Neha Patnaik, Ellie Bibby, Grace Slater, Ethan Slack-Wynn

Sophie Lewis, Harriet Cuthbert, Scarlet Barras

Director – Robin Cooper

Musical Director – David Campbell

Choreographer – Gina Slater

Assistant to the Director – Samantha Prior

Assistant to the Musical Director – Jordan McFarlane

Assistant Choreographer – Rosemary Gouge

Stage Manager – Mark Burrows

Deputy Stage Manager – Peter Cooper

Prompt – Carole Robertson

Front of House Manager – Christine King

Will Hayward as Uncle Archibald Craven  & Jamie Elliott as Dr CravenTSG57 Our visit to see Ryan Kennedy at BBC Radio Shropshire

The Stage Crew arriving at the Theatretsg50

Our Props


Mark Burrows our Stage Manager and Peter Cooper our Deputy Stage Manager taking a well deserved break.tsg48

David Campbell our Musical Director and Pianisttsg47

Tanya from Vogue Hair & Beauty puts the finishing touchs to Daisy Wyatt’s hair.tsg46

What the press said….with Mary Lennox played by Daisy Wyatt.tsg45

Our opening Scene in India with Megan Austin as Mary Lennox


Major Shelley & Mrs Shelley played by Russell Lawrence and Lyndsey Bird

Sue Pointon as Mrs Medlock the Housekeepertsg42

Lydia Farnham as Lilly Craventsg41

Mary & Archibald walk the halls of Misslethwaite Manor looking for the Secrets.tsg40

Martha played by Sian Thomas.tsg39

Ben Weatherstaff our head gardener played by Richard Lecrivain.


Rosemary Gouge and Neha Patnaik bringing a dead snake back to life.

Stephen Davis as Dickon.tsg36

Megan Austin as Mary Lennox.tsg35

The Dreamers.tsg34

Will Hayward as Archibald Craven.tsg33

Mary Lennox played by Megan Austin.tsg32

Matthew Rogers as Colin Craven attended to by Annie Crozer the nurse.tsg31

Jordan McFarlane as Albert Lennox and Stephen de Launey as Major Holmes.TSG30

Oliver Stott as Colin Craven and Will Hayward as Archie.

Come to my Garden sung by Oliver and Lydia.TSG28

Keeping Secrets.