1994 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

The Shropshire Amateur Premier of Gentleman Prefer Blondes performed at Oakengates Theatre 18th-22nd October, 1994 Cast List Lady Phyllis Beekman Megan Harding Sir Francis Beekman Tony Hale Dorothy Shaw Tracy Baylis Mrs Ella Spofford Sue Polnton Henry Spofford Eric Pover READ MORE

1992 Gigi

  Performed at Oakengates Theatre, October 1992 Cast List Honore Lachailles Tony Hale Gaston Lachailles Eric Pover Lian D’Exelmans Victoria Dolan Gigi Geogina Snape Inez Alvarez (Mamita) Eve Cooper Aunt Alicia Megan Harding Charles (Her Butler) Robin Cooper Manuel Roger READ MORE

1992 Charlie Girl

  Performed at Oakengates Theatre 6th-11th April, 1992 Cast List Lady Charlotte “Charlie” Elizabeth Gunn Joe Studholme Eric Pover Lady Hadwell Anne Gaulton Mrs Kay Conner Norma Downing Lady Fiona Georgina Snape Lady Penelope Victoria Dolan Jack Connor Nigel Whyles READ MORE

1991 Calamity Jane

              Cast List Calamity Jane Debbie Owen Wild Bill Hickock Eric Pover Lieut.Danny Gilmartin Mike Rawlings Katie Brown Sue Chambers Henry Miller Tony Hale Susan Sue Pointon Francis Fryer Simon Lucas Adelaide Adams Tracy READ MORE

1990 The Fiddler on the Roof

                      Performed at Oakengates, Town Hall October 1990. Our 18th Anniversary Production. Cast List Tevye (the milkman) Ian Pickford Golde (his wife) Christine Angeloff Tzeitel Victoria Dolan Hodel Debbie Owen READ MORE

1990 Irene

At the Technical Rehearsal at Oakengates Town Hall. Performed at Oakengates Town Hall 23rd-28th April, 1990. Cast List Mrs Geraldine O’Dare (Irene’s Mother) Christine Angeloff Helen Burke Irene’s Ninth Avenue Friends Debbie Owen Jane McFudd Sue Chambers Jimmy Gibson Mike READ MORE

1988 Carousel

Cast List Carrie Pipperidge Delia Edwards Julie Jordan Helen Hood Mrs. Mullin Gwen Davies Billy Bigelow Andrew Elcock David Bascombe Reg Aston Nettle Fowler Christine Angeloff Enoch Snow Eric Pover Jigger Craigin Bernard Redfern Captain Ray Hindley Policemen Bob Cairns READ MORE