2007 A Summer Concert

Performed at The Maws Crafts Centre 17th August,2007 Act 1 Les Miserables Selection Company      Featuring :- Hannah Littlehales-Bowdler (I Dreamed a Dream) Sam Bushell (On My Own) Tim Oakley (Empty Chairs and Empty Tables) I Know Him So Well Rosemary Gouge & Liz Law READ MORE

1998 Sweet Charity

                Cast List Charity Hope Valentine Helen Pickford Helene Joanna Garratley Nickie Eileen Woolley Carmen Elizabeth Gunn Suzanne Stephanie Hood Frenchy Vikki Thornton Rosie Lisa Adams Elaine Rosemary Suggitt Betsy Darrell Gorman Collinge READ MORE

1985 South Pacific

  Cast List Ngana Kirsti Elson Jerome Vicky Flukes Henry Mike Williams Ensign Nellie Corbush Norma Downing Emile de Becque Ian Pickford Bloody Mary Eve Cooper Stewpot Andrew Elcock Luther Billis James Craib Professor Geraint Wilkes Lt. Joseph Cable Graham READ MORE