1980 The Yeoman of the Guard

Cast List Sir Richard Cholmondeley Les Beresford Colonel Fairfax Roy Griffiths Sergeant Merryll Terry Healey Leonard Merryll James Jones Jack Point Ron Armstrong Wilfred Shadbolt Ian Brown Elsie Maynard Gwen Davies Phoebe Meryll Anita Corfield Dame Carruthers Ann Lanyon Kate READ MORE

1979 Orpehus in the Underworld

Cast List Callipe (Mother of Orpehus) Anita Corfield Eurdice (Wife of Orpheus) Heather Game Orpheus (Professor of Music) Ron Armstrong Pluto (King of Hades) Dennis Evans Jupiter (King of the Gods) Keith Downing Venus (Goddess of Beauty) Anne Gaulton Cupid READ MORE