1986 The Gondoliers

Cast List The Duke of Plaza Toro Andrew Murray Luiz Eric Pover Don Alhambra Del Bolero Andrew Elcock Marco Palmieri Graham Breeze Giuseppe Palmieri Peter Wakefield Antonio Brian Roberts Francesso Brian Breeze Giorgio Bob Cairns Annibale Nigel Whyles The Duches READ MORE

1985 South Pacific

  Cast List Ngana Kirsti Elson Jerome Vicky Flukes Henry Mike Williams Ensign Nellie Corbush Norma Downing Emile de Becque Ian Pickford Bloody Mary Eve Cooper Stewpot Andrew Elcock Luther Billis James Craib Professor Geraint Wilkes Lt. Joseph Cable Graham READ MORE

1974 The Boyfriend

  Performed at Oakengates Town Hall 26th-28th March, 1974. Cast List Hortense (the French Maid) Angela Lloyd Maise Shirlee Gaston Pupils at Madame Dubonnet’s finishing school Dulcie Sandra Lines Fay Val Kendall Nancy Ann Lanyon Polly Browne Gwen Davies Marcel READ MORE