1979 Orpehus in the Underworld

Cast List Callipe (Mother of Orpehus) Anita Corfield Eurdice (Wife of Orpheus) Heather Game Orpheus (Professor of Music) Ron Armstrong Pluto (King of Hades) Dennis Evans Jupiter (King of the Gods) Keith Downing Venus (Goddess of Beauty) Anne Gaulton Cupid READ MORE

1975 Viva Mexico

We are still looking for the content of this show if you have any information then please contact us by using the “Contact Us” tab. Cast List Mama Val Kendall Ramon Ian Brown Lola Mary Griffiths Casilda Gwen Davies Pablo READ MORE

1972 Calamity Jane

The first production on stage in October 1972 at Oakengates Town Hall. Performed at Oakengates Town Hall 10th-12th October, 1972. Cast List Joe Bill Selley Henry Miller Roy Williams Susan Janet Downes “Doc” Pierce Terry Healey Wild Bill Hilcock Geraint READ MORE