My Fair Lady


Proffesor Henry Higgins Kurt Hassall
Eliza Doolittle Sian Kyle
Colonel Hugh Pickering Robin Cooper
Alfred P. Doolittle Andrew Murray
Freddy Eynsford-Hill Alex Clark
Mrs Pearce Vanessa Holt
Mrs Higgins Rachel Cuthbert
Jamie Ethan Slack-Wynn
Harriet Lucy Warrilow
Mrs Eynsford- Hill Leigh Kendal
Zoltan Karpathy Deej Hiller
Mrs Hopkins Sue Pointon

Lots of roles still to be cast: George the Bartender, Bystanders, Cockney Quartet, Servant Sextette, Lord & Lady Boxington, Flower Girl Troupe, Selsey Man, Hoxton Man, Charles the Chauffeur, Policemen, Queen of Transylvania, Prince of Transylvania, Dr Themistocles Stephanos and more!