A very big well done to all who auditioned, both last week and today. There was a lot of deliberation and the cast list is as follows:

Sky Masterson James Mallett
Nathan Detroit Alex Madden
Nicely-Nicely Johnson Kurt Hassall
Benny Southstreet Ryan Sayce
Rusty Charlie Rich Kee
Calvin (Mission Band) Robin Cooper
Arvide Abernathy Rachel Cuthbert
Harry the Horse TBC
Lt Brannigan Luke Drew
Angie the Ox Richard Lecrivain
Joey Biltmore TBC
Big Jule Nate Osborne
Sarah Brown Amelia Wilmore-Evans
Miss Adelaide Sammi McSporran
Agatha (Mission Band) Louisa Kempster
Martha (Mission Band) Sue Pointon
Mission Band Shannon Fazackerley
Mission Band Sarah Brown
Mission Band Emily Walker
Mission Band Leigh Kendall
Mimi Lisa Adams
Genera Matilda B Cartwright Helen Madden
Allison (Girl dancer) Erin Buckley
Ferguson (Girl dancer) Sam Hill
Vernon (Girl dancer) Sue Bradley
Hot Box Girl Kerensa Osborne
Hot Box Girl Lyndsey Bird

There are so many more parts to cast so, please, do not be disappointed if your name is not here.

Again, well done everyone. And many thanks to our readers in. Thank you for your time and energy.

Rosemary, Reiss, Adele, Emmeline and Nicola.