Promote TADLOP is a small group of society members who are available to perform at local charity, community and corporate events and functions to reach out and raise awareness of TADLOP. As part of this, we have links with groups and individuals such as the Telford and Wrekin Council, local churches, Age UK groups, Women’s Institute groups, the Mayor of Oakengates and Ironbridge Heritage Festival organisers.

Promote are able to provide a number of experienced, polished and talented performers for any kind of event. From weddings, dinners, parties and concerts through to street performing, Promote are able to adapt to meet the needs of those who wish to be entertained – any length of set, many kinds of music, everything you need for a great event.

Our set lists can also be customised – for example, we did a concert at Enginuity in September 2016 for The Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust. It was a ‘Museums at Night’ event to celebrate 50 years of the trust, where 2 hours’ worth of 60s pop and musical songs were performed for a large audience. We also did a concert at the Anstice in 2017 where half of the set list was songs from ‘cowboy’ musicals only.

Performers have wide repertoires and are able to learn songs relatively quickly if event organisers have specific requests. From classical through to pop, rock and musical theatre, we will work with you to provide the right music for your event.

To enquire about Promote TADLOP performing at your event, please email