2012 RSC Open Stages

RSC Open stages meant that TADLOP had gathered on the steps of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon for the showcase of A Furnaceman’s Dream.

17th March, 2012 – 23 members of TADLOP gathered on the steps of the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon. A Furnaceman’s Dream  (our November 2011 production) was being showcased by the RSC as part of their Open Stages project.

What a fabulous weekend! From that arrival the company went on to an amazing and helpful voice production workshop lead by one the RSC vocal coaches and then into the Courtyard Theatre for a technical rehearsal. The cast performed their piece while Mitch, our Stage Manager, guided the RSC technical team through lighting and sound effects etc. Saturday evening was free for a meal together and early nights in various hotels and guest houses.

Sunday 18th March, 2012 – Sunday lunchtime saw us meet with all other participants (over 100) for the dress rehearsal followed by the evening performance. It was all truly breathtaking.

The weekend’s version of A Furnaceman’s Dream was a very much distilled and condensed sample of the whole show but still managed to include almost all of the players in their characters and give all involved an unforgettable experience.










Featuring the Cast of A Furnaceman’s Dream our November 2011 production which formed part of the Royal Shakespeare Companies Open Stages project for Amateur theatre.