Me & My Girl is the story of Bill Snibson, a Lambeth costermonger, who is revealed to be the new Earl of Hareford. He is brought to Hareford Hall to meet his newly discovered aristocratic relations, who are horrified by his cockney accent and antics. They attempt to educate Bill into the ways of the gentry and to separate him from his cockney girlfriend Sally.  The result? Chaos of the most comical kind, as Bill and his new family get to know one another.

The show features a host of hilarious characters, zany humour, and uplifting songs including the famous “Lambeth Walk”, “The Sun Has Got His Hat On” and “Leaning on a Lampost”, Me and Girl was a show that sparkled with energy and was entirely irresistible to all fans of musical comedy.









Performed at Oakengates Theatre 12th-16th April, 2011.

Cast List
Bill Snibson Will Hayward
Sally Smith Lydia Chapman
Maria, Duchess of Dene Sue Pointon
Sir John Treymayne Stephen de Launey
Lady Jacqueline Carstone Frances Taylor
The Hon. Gerald Bolingbroke Chris Hutton
Sir Jasper Tring Stephen Venezia
Lady Battersby Angie Astell
Lord Battersby Ken Young
Herbert Parchester Paul Roberts
Charles, The Butler Tony Sharp
Mrs Brown/Sophia Stainsley-Asherton Jill Davies
Bob Barking/Footman/
Thomas de Hareford Sam Balch
Jonthan de Hareford Ryan Sayce
Pearly Queen/Pianst/Lady Coleman Carol Sharp
Mrs Worthington-Worthington Dilys Williams
Lady Brighton Jo McMellon
Barmaid/Lady Leicester Rosemary Gouge
May Miles/Parlour Maid Holly Ward
Maid/Lady French Sian Kyle
The Gardner/Baron Gort Maxwell Shaw
Lady Diss/Cook Anne Shaw
Lady Lind/Maude (The Cook) Marion Lowe
Lady Smigh/Laundry Maid Mary Young
Cockney Tart/Maid Sarah Wilkes
Maid/Lady Leigh Sally Hobday
Lady Damming Julie Lowe
House Maids Sarah Herbert Stephanie Hood Samantha Prior
Lady Camberley/Laundry Maid Anita Williams
House Keeper Linda Hollington
Boot Boy/Simon de Hareford Clifford Palmer
The Chaufeur/Lord Lincoln/
Richard de hareford Ken Brookes
Telegram Boy Anthony Mason
Director Robin Cooper
Choreographer Lydia Chapman
Musical Director Andy Slater
Assistant Choreograhper Rosemary Gouge
Rehearsal Pianists Nykko Gregoire Patience Peplinski Pam Pickford
Stage Manager Anthony Mason
Assistant Stage Manager Peter Cooper
Lighting Rob Bainbridge
Techinical Ewan Lewis Rachel Reddihough
Sound Gary Parton
Stage Properties Gorgia Tooley Katherine Mathison
Wardrobe Mistress Jennie Elliot Nigel Whyles
Hair Rob Talbot
Front of House Manager Norma Smith

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