2011 A Furnaceman’s Dream at Enginuity

Enginuity in the Ironbridge Gorge saw TADLOP perform  A Furnaceman’s dream where Shakespeare combined with Musical theatre to produce something very special. As part of the RSC Open Stage project 2012 this unique production was performed in the old engine house and brought the Bards words of The Tempest and Midsummer Nights Dream together amongst the backdrop of the areas local industrial heritage.


Cast List

The Lovers    
Miranda Louisa Kempster  
Helana Frances Taylor  
Hermia Bryony Jones  
Ferdinand Will Hayward  
Kysander Luke O’Connor  
Demetrius Hugh Jones  
The Immortals    
Titania Rosemary Gouge  
Oberon Robin Cooper  
Prospero Steve Venezia  
Puck Lucy Anderson  
Ariel Sabina Smith  
Fairies Steph Hood Sonia Shaw
Witches Holly Ward Samantha Prior
  Emma Burrows  
The Workers    
Bottom Stephen Davies  
Flute Andy Slater  
Quince Lyndsey Bird  
Snug Sarah Barnes  
Snout Carol Sharp  
Starveling Tony Sharp  
The Bosses    
Theseus Garry Bailey  
Hippolyta Julie Lowe  
Egea Dilys Williams  
Midnight Movers    
  Mary Young Sarah Herbert
  Anita Williams Anne Shaw
  Jo Matkin Marion Lowe
  Ken Brookes  
The Dawn Chorus    
  Max Shaw Ken Brookes
  Michael Gregg Ryan Sayce
  Brandon Corfield