2010 Return to the Forbidden Planet

Performed at Oakengates Theatre – 20th-24th April, 2010.

Cast List

Captain Tempest Roger Ashford
Doctor Prospero Keith Ellis
Miranda Natalie Lewis
Ariel Brandon Corfield
Cookie Kevin Sudlow
Science Officer (Gloria) Frances Taylor
Bosun Arras Martin Brisbourne
Navigation Officers Liz Law Jill Davies
Newsreader Sue Pointon
Newsreader Assistant Jane Ellis
Science Officer Assistant John Chambers
Axel (Dents) Adam Giblin Robin Hood
Ken Brookes
Andy (Septics) Andy Slater Scott Sutherland
Robin Cooper
Dee (Tergents) Rosemary Gouge Nicky Lloyd
Wendy Brisbourne
Cutie (Culls) Lucy Barnes Sarah Wilkes
Steph Patterson
Air Hostesses Sarah Barnes Linda Hollington
Caren Stevens Marion Lowe
Jo McMellon Dilys Williams
Mary Young
Dancers Pricilla Binnersley Leanne Byrome
Barbara Devey Kimberley Engleby
Liz Harrison Stephanie Hood
Sian Rogers Sonia Shaw
Holly Ward
Miranda as a Child Caitlin Downes

Production Appointments

Director/Choreographer Lynn Hunt-Craib
Musical Director Alistair Craib
Rehearsal Accompanists Patience Peplinski Izzie Peplinski
Show Co-ordinator Lynn Hunt-Craib Jane Ellis
Stage Manager John Brown
Assistant Stage Manager Peter Cooper
Stage Crew Teresa Collins Leanne Jones
Lighting Designer & Operator Brian Eades
Visual Designer Robin Cooper
TV Crew Andrew Murray Tony Sharp
Carol Sharp
Sound Technician Gary Parton
Stage Properties Becky Green Anita Williams
Wardrobe Mistress Mary Dixon
Hair Design Lynn Hunt-Craib
Prompt Sheila Hood
Front of House Manager Norma Smith
Front of House Assisted by Flight Crew
Set Design RTA The Stagecraft Company
Set Construction RTA The Stagecraft Company Stage Crew
Society Members
Costume Design Mary Dixon Lynn Hunt-Craib
Publicity Sue Pointon
Filming Micro Video Shrewsbury