The world chess championships is taking place in Merano, Italy. The contestants are Frederick Trumper from America and Anatoly Sergievsky – the USSR challenger. Trumper is flamboyant and unpleasantly aggressive. His entourage includes his manager and his Hungarian-American girlfriend, Florence Vassy.

Sergievsky’s team is headed by his manager, the scheming and dishonest Alexander Molokov, who intends to ensure victory for his client by fair means or foul. The judge or arbiter is meant to be impartial – but is he?  There are so many commercial and merchandising spin-offs to consider.

Florence and Anatolgy become friends, to the distress of Frederick, who loses his confidence and thus the match. Florence has had enough. She walks out and joins the now defecting Russian. In his new role as champion he defends his title in Bangkok. the Soviets undermine Anatoly by bringing his wife Svetlana to join her husband. Frederick is shocked by what is happening and helps Anatoly to win.

Anatoly now decides to help Florence by going back behind the Iron Curtain to ascertain whether her father is still alive and if so, do what he can to reunite father and daughter, at whatever cost to himself.

The Shropshire Premiere of Chess performed at Oakengates Theatre 15th-19th March, 2005

Cast List
Florency Vassy Elizabeth Law
Svetlana Sergievsky Barbara Devey
Frederick Trumper Roger Ashford
Anatoly Sergievsky Kevin Sudlow
The Arbiter Matt Webb
Walter de Courcey Andrew Murray
Alexander Molokov David Griffiths
The Company
Carmel Bradley Helen Bryant Karla Cowell Frances Cruddas
Emma Dippie Jayne Dippie Jill Davies Jennie Elliott
Margaret Evans Chris Griffiths Linda Hollington Chris King
Marion Lowe Jo McMelon Jo Matkin Marie Picken
Sarah Wilkes Dilys Williams Mary Young Andrew Dippie
Adam Giblin David Leask Terry Lockett Matthew rice
Nigel Whyles Keith Ellis John Eaton Carl Wellington
Robin Hood Rowan Ashe Sam Richards
Dancers Rhiannon Hughes Lucy Jarvis Sam Bushell
Sarah Rogers Jonathan Ammerlaan Anna Belyavin
Children Molly Smith Lauren Picken
Director Lynn Hunt Craib
Musical Director Alastair Craib
Choreographer Debbie Ashford
Accompainst Suzanne Findlay Steve Roberts Julie Dippie
Ross Doodson
Chorus Mistress Helen Bryant
Stage Director Mike Law
Stage Managers John Brown Peter Cooper
Stage Crew Jon Drew Shaun Parkes Keith Robinson
James Cruddas Tony Jones Teresa Collins
Simon Tranter
Lighting Technician Brian Eades
Sound Technician Gary Parton
Stage Properties Sheila Hood
Assisted by Kylie Allen
Wardrobe Jennie Elliott
Assisted by Mary Dixon
Make Up Alison Jackson Nina Jackson
Front of House Manager Norma Smith
Assisted by Members & Friends of the Society

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