Cast List
Tevye (the dairyman) Andrew Murray
Golde (his wife) Helen Bryant
Tzeitel Frances Cruddas
Hodel Carmel Bradley
Chava Annika Dixon
Shprintze Ellie Farrington
Bielke Lauren King
Yente (the matchmaker) Jennie Elliott
Motel (the tailor) Nigel Whyles
Perchick (the student) Rowan M Ashe
Lazar Wolf (the butcher) David Leask
Mordcha (the innkeeper) Roger Ashford
The Rabbi Andrew Dippie
Mendel (his son) Daniel Evans
Avram (the bookseller) Terry Lockett
Nachum (the beggar) Tim Powell
Grandma Tzeitel Sue Pointon
Fruma-Sarah Jill Davies
Constable Tony Phillips
Fydeka (a young Russian) Carl Wellington
Shandel (Motel’s mother) Sheila Hood
The Fiddler Lydia Chapman
Chorus of Villagers and Russians
Naomi Conway Karal Cowell Jane Dippie Margaret Evans
David Griffiths Pat Hames Kay Hodgson Linda Hollington
Christine King Patrick Lynch Jo Matkin Bev McCarthy
Jo McMellon Shirlee G Phillips Marie Picken Aaron Prior
Andrew Sandilands Sian Thomas Dilys Williams Mary Young
Aaron Dippie Edward Griffiths Hannah Jones Sarah King
Alex Lockett Jack McCarthy Michael McCarthy Molly Smith
The Production Team
Director & Choreographer Lynn Hunt
Musical Director Alistair Craib
Accompanist Suzanne Findley
Stage Director Mike Law
Stage Managers John Brown Peter Cooper
Stage Crew Aaron Prior James Curddas Jon Drew
Russell Lucas Shaun Parkes Simon Tranter
Steve Ellis
Lighting Technician Brian Eades
Sound Technician Gary Parton
Stage Properties Rosemary Shiels
Stage Properties Assisted by Patrick Hollington Nathan Dippie Gill Read-Jones
Wardrobe Josie Downing
Assisted by Mary Dixon
Make Up Chris Simmonds
Assisted by Sue Deighton Bobby Thomas
Childresn Chaperones Debbie Farrington Paul Smith Gill Smith
Russsell Lucas
Prompt Barbara Devey
Front of House Manager Norma Smith
Assisted by Friends and Members of the Society
Calls Aaron Prior

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