Cast List

Aunt Eller Eve Cooper
Curly Eric Pover
Laurey Helen Hood
Ike Skidmore Andrew Murray
Slim Robin Cooper
Junior Christopher Brown
Will Parker Nigel Whyles
Jud Fry Steve Manley
Ado Annie Carnes Tracy Baylis
All Hakim Roger Ashford
Gertie Cummings Wendy Freeman
Andrew Carnes Tony Hale
Cord Elam Derek Jones
Laurey (Dream) Sharon Trott
Curly (Dream) Alistair Craib
Company David Barke Alistair Craib Howard Thomas
Ian Maxwell-Muller Laura Dorricott Kathy Dumbrill
Jennie Elliott Brenda Guy Megan Harding
Marion Lowe Rebecca Moruzzi Sue Polnton
Gina Snape Rosemary Suggitt Dilys Williams
Bernard Millard Jim Craib Jason Watkins
Phylis Anderson Norma Downing Sarah Dumbrill
Liz Gunn Laura Guy Christine King
Jenny Lucas Jo McMellon Norma Smith
Margaret Stokes Sharon Trott Mary Young

Production Crew

Director/Choreographer Helen Bryant
Director/Choreographer Lynn Jones
Musical Director Ian Pickford
Show Co-ordinator Andrew Murray
Accompanist Ann Clemants
Stage Manager Mark Law
Asst. Stage Manager Mike Law
Stage Crew David Barke John Brown Phil Brown
Ian Maxwell-Muller Peter Cooper James Elliot
Liz Gunn Rob Watson Phil Williams
Brian Jones Derek Jones Andrew Murray
Andrew Oliver Joe Patrick
Sound Ray Newell
Lighting Brian Eades
Stage Properties Keith Roberts
Asst. Stage Properties Alistair Harland Val Harland Yvonne Roberts
David Jackson Morag Rafferty Jason McComb
Andy Slater
Wardrobe Jose Downing
Asst. Wardrobe Pat Brown Sarah Downing
Make-Up Zena Barke
Asst. Make-Up Ray Hindley Janet Murray
Hairdresser Norma Smith Sue Munslow Michalin Jordan
Prompt Alyson Douglas Mary Law
Calls Mary Lee
Sponsorship Secretary Brian Pine
Ticket Secretary Brian Pine
Front of House Manager Heather Jones
Front of House Members & Friends of the Society
Box Office Oakengates Theatre
Publicity Nigel Whyles Jennie Elliot Brian Pine
Hon. Auditor Ken Holloway


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