Cast List
Calamity Jane Debbie Owen
Wild Bill Hickock Eric Pover
Lieut.Danny Gilmartin Mike Rawlings
Katie Brown Sue Chambers
Henry Miller Tony Hale
Susan Sue Pointon
Francis Fryer Simon Lucas
Adelaide Adams Tracy Baylis
Rattlesnake Brian Jones
Doc Pearce Tim Moruzzi
Joe Nigel Whyles
Hank Shane Oliver
Pete Robin Cooper
Colonel of Fort Scully Bob Cairns
Chorus of Prospectors, Indians, Women, Soldiers, Wives etc
Bob Cairns Theresa Carline Robin Cooper Victoria Dolan
Annette Evans Margaret Evans Elizabeth Gunn Brenda Guy
Ian Hart Ray Hindley Shane Holland Brian Jones
Myrtle Lambah Mary Lee Marion Lowe Bernard Millard
Andrew Murray Shane Oliver Tony Phillips Brian Roberts
Norma Smith Rosemary Suggitt Justine Stanton Keith Tisdale
Nigel Whyles Dilys Williams Mary Young
The Production Team
Producer Eve Cooper
Musical Director Keith Downing
Choreographer Victoria Dolan
Stage Manager Mike Law
Assistant Stage Manager Ian Maxwell-Muller
Assisted by Peter Cooper Martin Dolan James Elliott
Brian Jones Mary Jones Bob Morgan
Andrw Murray Roy Smart Joe Patrick
Graham Brown Simon Lucas Phil Brown
Paul Weaver
Lights Justin Bilton
Sound Brian Eades
Wardrobe Jose Downing
Dressers Val Davies Liz Downing Sarah Downing
Margaret Jones
Calls Christine Angeloff
Properties Karen Phillips Theresa Collins Delia Edwards
Prompt David Barke
Ladies’ Hair Norma Smith Sue Munslow
Make Up Nora Ball
Principals & Gentlemens’ Hair Rob Talbot
Assisted by Ray Hindley Rob Talbot
Hon. Accompanist Anne Clements
Ticket Sales Ian Hart Keith Tisdale
Front of House Manager Helen Hood Ian Pickford
And members of the Society
Sponsorship Secretary Brian Roberts

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