Cast List

ARTHUR KIPPS (An apprentice Shopman, an Orpan) Eric Pover
SID PORNICK (Also an apprentice, a Socialist) Graham Breeze
BUGGINS (Another apprentice, a Pessimist) Robin Cooper
PEARCE (The fourth apprentice, a Dandy) Shane Holland
FLO BATES (Shopgirl) Helen Withers
VICTORIA (Shopgirl) Sue Pointon
KATE (Shopgirl) Victoria Bakewell
EMMA (Shopgirl) Debbie Templar
MR. SHALFORD (The owner of the Emporium) Geraint Wilkes
MR. CARSHOT (Head Floor-walker) John Tranter
MRS. BOTTING Rosina Fullwood
ANN PORNICK (Sid’s Sister) Annette Evans
UNDERSTUDY Joanna Wilding
CHITTERLOW (An Actor Playwright) Mike Harrison
LAURA (A Barmaid) Joanna Wilding
HELEN WALSINGHAM (An Enlightened Young Lady) Delia Edwards
YOUNG WALSINGHAM (Helen’s spoiled brother, a Lawyer) Nigel Whyles
STUDENTS Claire Griffiths Alyson Douglas
Jennie Elliot Dean Hughes
LADIES OF THE CHORUS Phyllis Anderson Linda Brewster
Lorraine Brookfield Alison Crofts
Margaret Evans Rosemary Harper
Mary Jones Myrtle Lambah
Georgina Lewis Sally Rigby
Karen Searle Justine Stanton
Maureen Small Norma Smith
Muriel Surrall Barbara Wilding
Mary Young
GENTLEMEN OF THE CHORUS Bill Anderson Rodney Frost
Ian Hart Ray Hindley
Tony Mchale Damian Tomkinson
Mike Williams
PHOTOGRAPHER Jonathan Goodwin
GWENDOLIN (A Cheeky Parlour Maid) Lorraine Tomkinson

Production Crew

Producer Eve Cooper
Musical Director Ian Pickford
Choreographer Maureen Small Victoria Bakewell
Stage Manager Charles Perry
Assistant Stage Manager Mike Law
Stage Crew Terry Pike Roy Smart Andrew Murray
Dennis Evans Mark Law Norman Jones
Darren Fullwood Peter Alltree Mike Green
Brian Massey
Lighting Brian Eades
Sound Mike Oldcorn
Wardrobe Jose Downing
Asst. Wardrobe Liz Downing Sarah Downing Maureen Jones
Val Davies
Make-Up Chris Simmonds Nora Ball Mary law
Props Susan Goater
Hon. Accompanists Pam Pickford Ann Stubley
Prompt Lesley Moore
Calls Julie Small David Massey
Ticket Sales Harold Cooper
Front of House Graham Onions Society Members & Friends


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