Cast List

Ngana Kirsti Elson
Jerome Vicky Flukes
Henry Mike Williams
Ensign Nellie Corbush Norma Downing
Emile de Becque Ian Pickford
Bloody Mary Eve Cooper
Stewpot Andrew Elcock
Luther Billis James Craib
Professor Geraint Wilkes
Lt. Joseph Cable Graham Breeze
Captain George Bracken Dave Moore
Commdr. William Harbison Mike Harrison
Yeoman Quale Bill Barton
Liat Annette Evans
Lt. Buzz Adams Bob Cairns
Bloody Mary’s Assistant Phyllis Anderson
ENSIGNS Carol Blackie Lorraine Brookfield Margaret Evans
Rosemary Harper Norma Jones Carol Stirling
Ann Swadkins Debbie Tempiar Lorraine Tomkinson
SEABEES Bill Anderson Reg Aston Brian Breeze
Ian Hart Ray Hindley Brian Roberts
Barry Southall Damian Tomkinson Nigel Whyles

Production Crew

Producer Harold Cooper
Musical Director George Raxster
Choreographer Maureen Small
Stage Manager Charles Perry
Assistant Stage Manager Mike Law
Stage Crew Graham Brookfield Dennis Evans Dean Hughes
Brian Jones Mark Law Andrew Murray
Terry Pike
Lighting Brian Eades
Sound Mike Oldcorn
Wardrobe Judith Healey
Make-Up Chris Simmonds Nora Ball
Props Delia Edwards Susan Goater Christine Tinsley
Mary Law Pam Cadwaldr Julie Brewster
Hon. Accompanists Liz Smith Christine Danks
Prompts Sue Pointon Sue Fraser
Calls Lesley Moore David Massey
Ticket Sales Walter Jones
Front of House Graham Onions Society Members & Friends


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