Cast List
Oliver Twist Grantly Butters
Mr Bumble Les Beresford
Widow Corney Ann Gaulton
Mr Sowerberry Stuart Jones
Mrs Sowerberry Ann Lanyon
Charlotte Helen Brown
Noah Claypole Mike Wiliams
The Arful Dodger Clive Gaulton
Fagin Don Mansell
Nancy Ann Mayor
Bet Bethan Jones
Mr Brownlow Keith Downing
Bill Sykes Ian Pickford
Mrs Bedwin Mary Law
Dr Grimwig Ian Brown
Old Sally Muriel Surrall
Paupers Barry Southall Damien Tomkinson Margaret Evans
Phyllis Anderson Helen Brown Margaret Evans Nina gallier
Helen Guest Ann Jon Myrtle Lambah Ann Lanyon
Mary Law Helen Owen Mary Richards Karen Searle
Muriel Surrall Lorraine Tomkinson
Ian Hart Ray Hindley Brian Jones Stuart Jones
David Moore Barry Southall Damien Tomkinson Mike Williams
Workhouse Children & Fagans Gang
Michael Coyle Iain Giles Nicholas Hawkins John Howells
Hilary Jeffery Dominic John David massey Stephen Melhuish
Stuart Nock Nigel Pearce Justin Pike Nicholas Roberts
Damian Whitehead
Neil Wright (Understudy for Oliver Twist)
Ivan Pike (Understudy for the Artful Dodger)
The Production Team
Director Glennis Mansell
Musical Director Geriant Wilkes
Musical Assistance Bethan Jones
Production Co-ordinator Dorothy Roberts
Accompainst Margaret Halstead Violet Hesbrook Pam Pickford
Viv Redfern
Stage Manager Charles Perry
Assistant Stage Manager Mike Law
Stage Crew Dennis Crew Peter Crompton Colin Holden
Mike Law Brian Massey Terry Pike
Graham Vernon
Lighting Technician Norman Jones
Assisted by Christopher Jones Mark Law
Sound Technician Mike Oldcorn
Stage Properties Delia Edwards
Assisted by Grace Birch Mary Jones Rachel Holden
Wardrobe Jose Downing
Assisted by Elizabeth Downing Margaret Jones
Make Up Chris Simmons Nora Ball
Front of House Manager Graham Onions
Assisted by Members and friends of the Society
Calls Lois Roberts
Prompt Angela Mansell

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