Cast List
Sir Richard Cholmondeley Les Beresford
Colonel Fairfax Roy Griffiths
Sergeant Merryll Terry Healey
Leonard Merryll James Jones
Jack Point Ron Armstrong
Wilfred Shadbolt Ian Brown
Elsie Maynard Gwen Davies
Phoebe Meryll Anita Corfield
Dame Carruthers Ann Lanyon
Kate Heather Game
The Headsman Bill Selley
First Yeoman Ian Martin
Second Yeoman Dave Hodgetts
First Citizen Harold Cross
Second Citizen Tom Philliops
Phyl Anderson Mary Griffiths Alan Billingham Ray Hindley
Violet Billingham Janet Johnstone Harold Cross Dave Hodgetts
Margaret Clarke Myrtle Lambah Stan Cubbin Gary Godgetts
Georgina Cubbin Enid Marsh Keith Downing Ian Martin
Valerie Davies Cynthia Shaw Iain Findley Dave Moore
Delia Edwards Ida Skelton Bill Guest Tom Phillips
Margaret Evans Ian Hart Damien Tomkinson
Bernard Eleanor
The Production Team
Stage Director Judith Healey
Director of Music
and Production George Raxter
Stage Manager Charles Perry
Lights Norman Jones Chris Jones
Stage Staff Dennis Evans Glenn Harman Cold Holden
Brian Jones Simon Turner
Assisted by Sara Payne Linda Plant Avril Whittingham
George Whittingham
Wardrobe Jose Downing
Assisted by Margaret Bird Elizabeth Downing
Calls Don Mansell Lin Savage
Properties Mary Law
Prompt Glennis Mansell
Make Up Christine Simmons Nora Ball
Hon. Accompanist Alison Weir Violet Hesbrook Margaret Halstead
Set Design Peter Brewster George Raxter
Set Construction Alan Billingham David Lanyon Mike Law
Ron Mansell David Pooler
Set Painted by Ken Atkinson
Assisted by Doris Andrew Val Armstrong George Kent
And members of the Society

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