Cast List
Callipe (Mother of Orpehus) Anita Corfield
Eurdice (Wife of Orpheus) Heather Game
Orpheus (Professor of Music) Ron Armstrong
Pluto (King of Hades) Dennis Evans
Jupiter (King of the Gods) Keith Downing
Venus (Goddess of Beauty) Anne Gaulton
Cupid (God of Love) Ann Lanyon
Mars (God of War) Don Mansell
Diana (Goddess of Hunting) Tess Campbell
Juno (Wife of Jupiter) Eve Cooper
Vulcan (God of Fire) Ian Brown
Mercury (Messenger of the Gods) James Jones
Icarus (Pilot of the Ballon) Harold Cross
Styx (Servant of Pluto) Les Beresford
Baccus (God of Wine) Sara Payne
Nymphs, Goddesses etc Shepherds, Gods etc
Phyl Anderson Les Beresford
Violet Billingham Ian Brown
Margaret Clarke Stan Cubbin
Georgina Cubbin Harold Cross
Pamela Davis Ken Francis
Valerie Davies Ian Hart
Delia Edwards Ray Hindley
Margaret Evans James Jones
Nina Gallier Robert Jones
Mary Griffiths Don Mansell
Mary Jones Ian Martin
Myrtle Lambah Dave Moore
Mary Law Colin Price
Barbara Lennox Damien Tomkinson
Enid Marsh
Mary Richards
Dorothy Roberts
Cynthia Shaw
Ida Skelton
Muriel Surrell
Dawn Woods
Carole Verhulst
Helen Beaman Helen Brown Jill Brown
Alison Caswell Victoria Fiko Kathryn Martin
Understudy Helen Caswell
The Production Team
Director George Raxter
Musical Director Geraint Wilkes
Choreographer Shirlee Gaston
Stage Director Judith Healey
Stage Managers Charles Perry
Stage Crew Martin Evans Glen Harman
Colin Holden Brian Jones
Barry Reeves Simon Turner
David Lanyon Michael Williamson
Ron Mansell
Wardrobe Jose Downing
Assisted by Liz Downing Margaret Bird
Calls Karen Lanyon
Prompt Glennis Mansell
Sound Brian Poulson
Lighting Norman Jones Chris Jones
Properties Sara Payne Linda Plant
Accompainst Alison Weir Vi Hesbrook
Audtion Acompanist Joyce Griffiths
Make Up Christine Simmons
Prop Building Brian Jones David Lanyon
Front of House Doris Andrew Val Armstrong
Peter Brewster George Kent

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