Performed at Oakengates Town Hall

21st,22nd, 24th-26th April, 1978

Cast List
Nanki-Poo, his son
disguised as a wandering Minsteral Geraint Wilkes
Pish-Tush – A Noble Lord Les Beresford
Pooh-Bar, Lord High Everything else Keith Downing
Ko-ko, Lord High Executioner Alistair Donkin
Yum- Yum Gwen Davies
Pitti-Sing Anne Gaulton
Peep-Bo Margaret Clarke
Katisha Anita Corfield
The Mikado of Japan Bob Kelly
Ko-Ko’s Attendant Richard Lanyon
Chorus of Schoolgirls
Phyliis Anderson Jose Downing Mary Law
Jean Atkinson Margaret Evans Dorothy Roberts
Janet Close Mary Fenton Mary Selley
Eve Cooper Nina Gallier Ida Skelton
Joan Davies Mary Griffiths Megan Snape
Val Davies Myrtle Lambah Muriel Surrell
Pam Davis Ann Lanyon Carole Wainwright
Chorus of Nobles
Ron Armstrong Steve Hedges Colin Price
Ken Francis Ray Hindley Graham Rowley
John Harding Jim Jones Bill Selley
Ian Hart John Pamment Damien Tomkinson
Stage Director Judith Healey
Director of Music & Production George Raxter
Orchestra Leader Peter Lewis
Accompainst Margaret Halstead
Stage Manager David Lanyon
Lights Don Mason
Stage Staff Denis Evans Ron Mansell
Charles Perry Colin Holden
Glenn Harman Simon Turner
Wardrobe Jose Downing
Assisted by Margaret Bird Elizabeth Downing
Muriel Surrall
Wig Mistress Ruth Griffiths
Calls Pauline Gwynne
Props Pauline Gwynne Linda Plant
Set Design Peter Brewster Judith Healey
Set Construction David Lanyon Ron Mansell
Artist Janice Harthorn
Assisted by Pam Davis Val Davies
Margaret Bird Jim Jones
Ron Mansell George Raxter
Prompt Heather Game
Sound Brian Poulson-Smith
Photographer D.M Andree, Oakengates
Front of House Manager Peter Brewster
Make up Christine Simmons Angela Mansell

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