Pictured in Photo directly above Gwen Davies & John Wood.

Performed at Oakengates Town Hall, 9th-14th October, 1978

Cast List
Anna Gwen Davies
Danilo John Wood
Baron Zeta George Waters
Valencienne Heather Game
Camille Ian Brown
Njegus Don Mansell
St. Brioche Bill Selley
Cascada John Pamment
Kromov Les Beresford
Olga Ann Lanyon
Bogdanovitsch Jim Jones
Pritsch Robert Powell
Praskovia Carole Wainwright
Sylvia Megan Harding
Lo Lo Mary Selley
Do Do Carole Wainwright
Jou Jou Gillian Clover
Frou Frou Phil Collier
Clo Clo Eve Cooper
Margot Ann Lanyon
Anne Beresford Jill Brown Jane Davis Heather Griffiths
Sally Ann Davies Kathryn Martin Julie Bristow Annette Birch
Karen Lanyon
Phil Anderson Nora Ball Gillian Clover Phil Collier
Eve Cooper Pam Davis Va Davies Joan Davies
Margaret Evans Nina Galier Myrtle Lambah Mary Law
Mary Richards Dorothy Roberts Mary Selley Ida Skelton
Muriel Surrall Carole Verhulst
Keith Downing Ken Easom John Harding Ian Hart
Ray Hindley Stephen Lennox Colin Price Peter Shanks
Michael Williams Daniel Verhulst
Production Crew
Producer Ken Atkinson
Musical Director Geraint Wilkes
Choreographer Shirlee Gaston
Stage Director Judith Healey
Stage Manager Charles Perry
Lighting John Bailey Steve Hedges
Sound Brian Pulson-Smith Colin Holden
Stage Staff Dennis Evans Colin Holden Ron Mansell
Glenn Harman David Lanyon Mike Stacey
Simon Turner
Prompter Glennis Mansell
Rehearsal Pianist Ian Donaldson Margaret Halstead
Wardrobe Jose Downing
Assisted by Margaret Bird
Properties Sarah Payne Linda Plant Pam Stacy
Make up Ralph Palmer Christine Simmons
Calls Anita Corfield
Set Construction David Lanyon Ron Mansell
Programme Cover Ann Morgan
Front of House Manager Peter Brewster
Deputy Front of House Val Armstrong

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