Performed at Oakengates Town Hall 26th-28th March, 1974.

Cast List
Hortense (the French Maid) Angela Lloyd
Maise Shirlee Gaston Pupils at Madame Dubonnet’s finishing school
Dulcie Sandra Lines
Fay Val Kendall
Nancy Ann Lanyon
Polly Browne Gwen Davies
Marcel Robert Powell
Pierre Don Mansell
Alphonse Tony Phillips
Madame Dubonnet Glennis Mansell
Bobby van Husen John Pamment
Percival Browne Geriant Wilkes
Tony Tony Hale
Lord Btrockhurst Ron Armstrong
Lady Brockhurst Val Armstrong
Gendarme Bill Selley
Waiter Graham Onions
Pepe Eric Westwood Speciality Dancers
Lolita Val Kendall
Young Ladies, Boys, Staff And Parents Dancers
Phyllis Anderson Dorothy Roberts Margaret Clarke Linda Plant
Pamela Davis Ida Skelton Phyl Collier Barbara Price
Valerie Davies Martyn Evans Margaret Evans Jane Selley
Mary Griffiths Bill Guest Kim Mansell Arthur Callister
Mmyrtle Lambah Geoff Mansell Nina Martin Colin Price
Judith Naish David Martin Judith Onions
Helen Price
The Production Team
Stage Director Roy Williams
Musical Director Kenneth Sterling
Choreographer Shirlee Gaston
Joint Stage Managers Peter Brewster Don Manson
Sound Hammer Sound
Stage Staff Roland Blything David Howells Roger Jones
John Leech Tim Morezzi Graham Whitcombe
Prompts Stella Lightfoot Janet Westwood
Accompanist Pam Freeman
Wardrobe Jose Downing, assisted by Margaret Bird and Eileen Williams
Calls Timothy Westwood

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